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Jessica Sisson, Owner/Organizer

Jessica Sisson, Owner/Organizer

Owner and lead organizer, Jessica, found her calling after being voted “Most Likely to Be a Professional Organizer” by her high school class.

Just kidding.  But Jessica has had a passion and knack for order her whole life.  After graduating from the University of Southern California and later moving to the Phoenix area, she spent several years in management at a local non-profit where she managed people, projects and budgets.  In her personal life, she often took on informal organizing projects from family and friends.  Jessica has been known to organize your pantry when she comes over for a barbeque.  Her closet is organized by sleeve-length and color.  You get the picture.  

While her heart was in serving others through non-profit work, Jessica decided that her family needed her to have something more flexible than an hour-long commute each way.  So, after organizing on the side for several years, Jessica decided to take a leap of faith and dedicate herself to organizing full-time.  Happily, she has found that her passion for serving others is fulfilled in home organizing and she enjoys coaching others on more ordered and less stressful modes of living.  Her other interests include designing her next home improvement project, planning neighborhood happy hours, searching Pinterest for craft ideas she probably won't ever make, binging on Netflix or reading self-help or dystopian fiction. Jessica lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children.

“She gave me function & sanity”

I am not a Pinterest person, an everything-needs-to-be-perfect person, or an OCD person, but I am neat and need function.  However, my closet got absolutely out of control after we moved.  I've been shoving everthing in and walking away, which has made for some really crazy mornings trying to get out the door.  I asked Jessica for her help.  Sometimes an outsider is just what you need.  She gave me function and sanity without making me feel like a sloth!  I couldn't be happier.  Next up, my garage!

Michelle M.


“Insightful & organized”

I cannot thank Jessica enough for her insight and organizational skills.  I'm a pretty organized individual, but figured a little more organization couldn't hurt.  During our consultation, Jessica got a sense of who we were as a family, as we talked about what would/would not work for our house.  Within a few hours, my pantry was reorganized so it made sense and was functional.

— Andrea P.


“Amazing skill”

Jessica has an amazing skill for sorting, organizing, and bringing order to cluttered spaces. I am not a very organized person and my work spaces tend to get out of control. Even though it was a huge amount of work, she was very patient and focused throughout the whole project. 

She helped me realize that I was holding on to a lot of things I just didn't need. Once we removed the unnecessary junk, she made very intelligent decisions when organizing items into containers, trays, etc. Everything was labeled very nicely and now I have a very tidy home. Jessica gets an A+ from me!

— Joe F.


“Gets things accomplished”

I have trouble getting started with organizing and sorting.  I find myself running around in a circle and getting nothing accmplished or jumping from one task to another.  When Jessica helps me, I feel motivated, focused and get things accomplished!

Marianne P.


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